Ikaria's healing Baths and ancient Ruins

In Therma, try to discover the short footpath that leads to some of Ikaria’s very first thermal baths! These ruins date back to the 1st cent. B.C.E., though Ikaria’s radon-active hot springs got tapped even earlier, probably starting in the 4th cent. B.C.E.


A dip (or two or three) into Ikaria’s special waters may have cured many illnesses, even ancient ones. Today, there are organized baths in Therma that you can enjoy, and some open sea hot springs along the shores of Ikaria.

A few hints (in photos) on how to find the ancient thermal baths ruins (follow the signs to Lumakia):

More information on Ikaria’s present-day hot springs ( where they are located and how to visit them) is available in our guidebook.