Ikaria Island and The Guidebook

Ikaria Island, located in the Greek Aegean Sea, has a distinct local cultural and natural environment. For hundreds of years the population developed deep inside the island's folds, hiding from pirates and building terraces for farming. Separated from many outside influences, Ikaria remained an island true to its land and culture. Now, we call it a splendid 'Garden of Eden' that generously shares its wonders with visitors. Ikaria has about 9,000 local inhabitants and is attracting more and more people who wish to experience this special place. 

Charlene Caprio and Lefteris Tsouris documented Ikaria's history, traditions, food, nature, footpaths and more. They present it all in this concise and readable Guidebook, which can appeal both to the most relaxed traveler and intense explorer. The maps in this Guidebook were created with on-the-ground field work conducted by the authors, taking care to present the best routes and detailed descriptions of Ikaria and its wonders. No other Guidebook presents Ikaria's intricate network of footpaths and roads to guide visitors to all the special parts of the island.

Have this Guidebook with you at all times! It offers inside advice on restaurants, hidden beaches, walks along Ikaria's network of footpaths and advice on how to experience the island's nature and astounding views. The selected routes, ranging from easy to difficult, will guide you through Ikaria's mountains, forests and rivers, as well as ruins, monasteries, old watermills, open sea hot springs and (for the most hearty) the crossing of Ikaria's highest mountain ridge. Pick and choose what best suits your visit to Ikaria from this concise Guidebook.

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