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Chalari River Canyon, Ikaria

Chalari River Canyon, Ikaria

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Just got back from Ikaria and I can say it’s a whole lot different than many other Greek Islands I’ve been to . . . but in a good way. *** I used your book to help find lots of out of the way areas and sights.
— Tom K.
The structure [of the Guidebook] is great, the design is very appealing to me and very accessible, and the amount of information is just right.
— Vaios Villis, Athens, Greece
I lived more than 30 years on Ikaria. I never saw a better guidebook of Ikaria. Wonderful work! Go on! Kalo Kalokairi.
— Ikaria Local living in the village of Pigi
Ikaria is of course the island I recommend to every person who asks, “which Greek island?” However, it’s very hard to answer the next question, “Why Ikaria?” This guidebook answers to this question in the best way possible. It will certainly be with me next time I visit Ikaria soon.
— Stella Ioannou, Cyprus
This guidebook nicely walks the fine line between practical advice and intellectual perspective, something often lacking in Greek travel guides. With interesting and pertinent information on the unique offerings of Ikaria, I felt informed while also appreciating the tightly wound text and elegant narration.
— Christos Birkitt, M.A., B.A., Classics and Hellenic Studies, NYU, USA
[T]thank you for the great work, I would have loved to find this book earlier!!
— Etienne La Hyène, France

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