Ikaria's healing Baths and ancient Ruins

In Therma, try to discover the short footpath that leads to some of Ikaria’s very first thermal baths! These ruins date back to the 1st cent. B.C.E., though Ikaria’s radon-active hot springs got tapped even earlier, probably starting in the 4th cent. B.C.E.


A dip (or two or three) into Ikaria’s special waters may have cured many illnesses, even ancient ones. Today, there are organized baths in Therma that you can enjoy, and some open sea hot springs along the shores of Ikaria.

A few hints (in photos) on how to find the ancient thermal baths ruins (follow the signs to Lumakia):

More information on Ikaria’s present-day hot springs ( where they are located and how to visit them) is available in our guidebook.

New Ikaria Retreat Dates Announced!

SEPTEMBER 7-14, 2019

Hosted by the co-authors Lefteris and Charlene


8 DAYS | Included: 3-star Hotel, airport/ferry transfer, transportation, select dinners, your hosts, activities & tickets, Ikaria Travel Guidebook, Ikaria map for smartphones.

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This event is for you who’d love a unique island exploration experience. To be surrounded by the mild and warm Aegean sea, on the island that has been rightfully labelled as the island of the Immortals. You feel like slowing down. You love and respect nature, everywhere you go. You are active and conscious about your health. You are the one we're looking for. Let's spend 9 days together on Ikaria, the island where people don’t count time, relaxation kindles high inspiration, and the sea, sky and land invigorate you.

More at: https://www.naturetreatsgreece.com/ikaria-retreat

Ikaria's neighbor Fourni (Fournoi) - the shipwreck capital

This is another reason why we included Fournoi in the Second Edition of our Guidebook. The neighboring archipelago to Ikaria is a wealth of nature and history, both above sea level and below! The walking route we mapped out gives the best views over Fournoi’s dazzling seas and its surrounding islands and islets.

(You may also see archaeologists diving again this summer to find and explore more shipwrecks!)

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.37.05 AM.png

Read this full article here: https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2018/07/the-underwater-archaeology-of-fourni-greece-s-shipwreck-capital-of-the-world.