Designed for: Explorers, Walkers, Independent Thinkers, Photographers, Nature Enthusiasts and People Who Can Tell a Good Joke on a Dirt Road

As we will be working on the next edition of our guidebook this summer, we will do lots of fun stuff like nature and herb walks, visiting the wild parts of the island, chatting with bee keepers, learning more about how honey is produced. We will also eat and dance at Ikarian festivals, explore Ikarian wine making, and visit Ikaria's most amazing beaches. There will also be lots of time to relax, enjoy the nature on Ikaria, and just breath deeply in this spectacular place!

Ikaria has a dramatic, varied landscape with a wide range of biodiversity and protected nature areas. Exploring Ikaria will be a special 'back to nature' and 'back to yourself' experience.

Discover with us why CNN has named Ikaria the best Greek island for Nature lovers.


PLEASE NOTE: Ikaria is a relaxed island that is great for down-to-earth travelers who enjoy nature and rudimentary conditions! If you are looking for a 5-star hotel experience with a luxury plush jacuzzi bath in your room, please do not sign up for this exploration. We cannot make such kinds of travelers happy. The magic of Ikaria opens up to those who are able to enjoy her unique conditions.


Together with co-authors and exploration leaders Lefteris Tsouris and Charlene Caprio:

  • Explore Ikaria's unique footpaths (Chalari canyon, 'Ranti' forest, watermill walk, ruins of Koskinas castle, ancient Drakano tower and more)
  • Visit hidden hot springs and dazzling beaches
  • See Ikaria's remote, traditional western landscape
  • Experience Ikarian music and dancing at festivals (panigiri) 
  • Taste Ikarian food and wine at amazing restaurants  and cafes
  • Visit many of the island's monuments and places of history (including Theoktisti Monastery)


  • Dates: 5 days: June 23 through June 27 2016  (For hotel planning, we will be on the Western side of Island: June 23/24/25 ; on Eastern side of island: June 26/27)
  • Price per person: $565.00 ($490.00 + $75.00 for car transport during the excursions - refundable if you rent your own vehicle with proof of the booking. This is to make sure no one ends up without transportation.)
  • Included: Three walking explorations; visit to hot springs; dining together at restaurants and cafes; village festival (panigiri); visit to winery; visit to Theoktisti Monastery; visits to beaches and remote side of the island; planning information
  • Not Included: flights to/from Ikaria; all meals/food expenses; hotel costs; travel to/from airport or arrival port; all other personal expenses. (We've kept the price low so that you may plan, dine and wine according to your varied tastes and budget).
  • Number of Participants:  5 min. / 10 max.  
  • Activity level: Moderate (walking uphill/downhill; physical activity)

*This exploration is also subject to our exploration Terms and Conditions. The Itinerary details are subject to festival date changes, weather changes and other Ikarian vagaries. 


Greece is flooded by Syrian Refugees. Unfortunately there is not enough support to help these people reach their destinations, Central West and North European Countries.

Refugee Camps are created all over Greece now and the need for monetary support as well as food and clothing is increasing every day. The numbers of refugees keeps rising. As we all know, Greece is in a difficult situation and cannot alone solve this problem. We will donate 5% from each traveler's cost to: Action Aid Greece. Should you wish to make an extra donation to the organization, we are happy to facilitate this as well.


Fill in and Submit the Form below to make your Reservation. We need at least 5 participants to make this exploration happen! We will confirm your spot by April the 25th 2016 or earlier. When we confirm to you your spot and that we have the necessary 5 participants, we will send you further planning information. As Ikaria is a relatively large island, please plan on staying around the Western Side of Ikaria June 23/24/25 and around the Eastern Side of Ikaria June 26/27. Feel free to contact us using the reservation form below if you have any questions.

 A deposit of $200 would then be due by April 30, 2016.

Note: You must read our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge below that you agree to them before submitting your reservation.

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....and now a message below from one of Ikaria's lovely beaches: