A Travel and Walking Guide with maps 

by Charlene Caprio and Lefteris Tsouris 

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On Ikaria in Greece clocks don't matter and nature sets the stage. With this book as your guide, you'll know how to explore Ikaria's hidden beaches, walking paths, mountain villages, food, wine, festivals, hot springs and more. Without it, you may miss what the island truly has to offer. 

Ikaria is proud of its untamed nature and does not have a tourist center or central information booth. Locals live long on Ikaria. Come explore why. 


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Guidebook Contents Summary:

  • How to travel to Ikaria, where to stay, what to see and where to eat

  • Maps of Ikaria, its inner terrain, intricate road network and not-to-miss attractions

  • 10 walking routes (with route maps) for exploring the fascinating layers of Ikaria, ruins, canyons, rivers, historical attractions, a cave and more

  • Short history of Ikaria and insights into its unique culture and food

  • Spotlights on Ikaria's famous hot springs, natural environment and wildlife

  • Information about Ikaria's festivals, best beaches and remote villages

  • Professional route maps. Lots of color photos. Length: 96 pages.

Designed to be light and concise for your backpack!

(Wooden Hull Press, U.S.A.; Published in 2015)

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